FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt Sculptures


Commissioned for the lobby of the FDR Presidential Library and Museum.
Hyde Park, New York
Greeting more than 350,000 visitors each year.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt

"I think I've seen every sculpture that was ever done of my grandparents, but when I saw these, I have never been so touched by the work of an artist in depicting my grandparents [...] These sculptures will be like embracing every single person that comes into this Library [...] Thank you, Carolyn."

David Roosevelt, Grandson of FDR and Eleanor
Author of Grandmere

Eleanor Roosevelt Miniatures

Trophies presented to women of distinction.

Hyde Park Unvieling of the Roosevelts


"These Roosevelt sculptures speak to you. From one angle they appear serious, from another angle they are smiling ... It is like they are almost human. In my estimation, these are the finest sculpture images of Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt, to be found anywhere in the world."

Senator Tarky Lombardi, Jr.,
Former chairman of the New York State Senate Committee on the Arts oand Cultural Resources

"These are magnificent pieces ... I am so pleased and thankful that Carolyn's beautiful work will greet each and every visitor who comes to the Presidential Library."

Lynn Bassenese,
Former Director of the FDR Presidential Roosevelt Library

David Roosevelt, grandson of FDR with sculptor Carolyn Palmer at Hyde Park unveiling.

Isabel Allende, the world-renowned human rights advocate and author standing in front of Carolyn’s Roosevelt sculptures at the entrance to the FDR Presidential Library.